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How do I work with AT?

  • It would be better if it's someone of the same art level. Why? Because I tend to put much effort on my works just to get a mediocre work. I am very strictic with myself so I will be strictic with you too.

  • You have to upload your part first, so I can upload my part after.

Please, send me a Note if you want to do an AT with me :)

Note: I always upload my part but be patience that I work kinda slow.


:heart: :iconjentizuoyamikitozone::iconlenmeu: :heart:
More part of the time, they inspired me a lot and thanks to this persons I getting better by time : )


But also, friends + nonsences inspired me too to continuing drawing and improving more with ideas :D

Altair Moe by bwrose

Don't thank me for the fav, watch or llama. Really, you are pretty welcome!
Hellow dear watchers :)

I said I'll be back until Thursday but lazyness won and I took the time to play a videogame xD 

But today I will catch this day to sketch at least all the AT's I have with people. Im sorry I had been very inactive again.
I lost a course... Physic Math which I had a bad time with it in this college period and it took me the whole time to study instead of gave that time to study other materials. Im very angry and dissapointed with that because all in all, I lost the course with all the time I gave into it... Damn teachers... I dont know what they want... The good thing is I got high grades in the other ones, but it affects me that I had lost that course because it was a waste of money and I care about the money of my family. So its kinda a hit on my chest. Mom told me to not worry and people told me the same but I think I care so much about the money and the sucessful.

I had played a lot this game Ragnarok Online (Midnight Ro, Latin server) and I am impress of how people had become very... emotionless and weird in some way. Again I feel like the black sheep againts all in that game. I had played that game before, when I was 12 years old and I dont remember people being like that. Before, they went crazy, putting faces like "xDDDDD" "T____T" "DDDX" "u____u"... And doing and saying stupid things xD It doesnt matter how you were, no one critized you for being so weird or something like that but I had met some people and they think I am totally weird, a weird friki or something like that. I dont care but wow... My memories of that game was nothing comparing with now, but I had met some "nice" people.... Yeah... o_oU I blame the Whatsapp and the smart phones.

I had a short time playing that... A week we can say, and I am being knowing like the "kawaii cute Kiuki/Jenny" and..... I DONT LIKE PEOPLE CALL ME KAWAII OR CUTE! >O<U! But they insist and a;sdlkas;dka;sldksdfc :la: Banana Dance 

I dont have anything more to say and well...
That's all, I guess xD 
Have a great time :)
  • Mood: Peaceful

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Eazy-Tagz Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Your art is simply amazing! ;A;
Am glad i passed by you NOOOO sobbing - crying 
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Quien casi cumple años (? <3

Pajando por aquihh TuT
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Jellywolf78893AJ Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2015  New Deviant Professional Artist
Just needed to stop by and say hi and I really like you're art!
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Anzoul Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
hola u.u

///shot cómo se usa deviantart ahora D:
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